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Sunday May 21st, 5J5

Holly Hill

It's a home cooked southern breakfast, great fellowship and flying! Every other Sunday since 1938, pilots & aviation enthusiasts in and near South Carolina have met for breakfast. That's it! No dues, no meeting requirements! Breakfast is around $6 - $10 per plate, is ready about 9am and there is always plenty. Fly in or drive to the airport, belly up and talk aircraft, aviation, or anything else, to your hearts content! Pilot or non-pilot, everyone Welcome!

Compass Rose finishing touches...We are planning on finishing up the compass rose on Saturday May 27th around 9.00 am to finish. Please join us if you can.

Our June meeting will be held at the Runway Cafe in GMU on Monday June 12th @ 6.00 pm

Instrument ground school will begin on Thursday June 29th and every Thursday between 6.30 pm and 9.00 pm.



Week 1. Airplane Instruments


Week 2. Attitude Instrument Flying and Aerodynamics


Week 3. Navigation Systems


Week 4. Federal Aviation Regulations


Week 5. Airports, Air Traffic Control, and Airspace


Week 6. Holding and Instrument Approaches


Week 7. Aeromedical Factors


Week 8. Aviation Weather


Week 9. Aviation Weather Services


Week 10. IFR En Route &I IFR Flights



Our July  meeting will be held at the American Legion in Duncan Park on Monday July 10th @ 6.00 pm

Our August meeting will be held at Triple Tree on Monday August 14th @6.00 pm